FeaturedTrend That Follows

Trend That Follows


The biggest drawback which I see in today’s time is  that of following trends. Many people infact…think that there life is a movie…characters which are shown in a film or even if such characters are written in book…read by millions of people some of them relate their characters which are shown in a film…while some of them tries to follow them as a trend…until a new trend sets up….

Earlier people who were not exposed to all such trends were leading a peaceful and facile life….people used to be consistent,stable and uncomplicated….but as soon as coming generation, including us got exposed to a very strong and harsh reality of life… which is also being shown in films… we try to act like that only…trends like…LOVE TRIANGLE…ONE SIDED LOVE…BETRAYING SOMEONE…ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR…such concepts according to me has complicated our lives in many ways…it has entangled our relationships because of which friendship relationship comes to an end soon…people do not want to invest their time in such things…as they have fear of getting hurt at the end of the day…

If we’ll keep on following trends…then that day is not far when we’ll leave everything…even our parents…some of us has already reached that level of insanity….

so stop following trends…be yourself…be you!



Single Parent: Strongest People

Single Parent: Strongest People


God has made a special bond between a child and a mother…a mother when gets to know that she is expecting starts thinking about the welfare of her child….when a child is in his mother’s womb he gets his nutrition from there only…isn’t that something beautiful…how God has given this powerful right only to a woman and not to a man….not that a man runs away from his responsibilities…but he cannot bear that much of pain which a woman can…

Man has several other responsibilities to carry on…making money so that his family’s future is secured…so that his child and his wife do not have to suffer…whereas a mother has 24*7 duty at home…where she has be a multi-tasker …not at all an easy job….

Mothers play a special part in everyone’s life…a child is always 1% more close to his mother…the FAITH,LOVE,RESPECT which a child has towards his/her mother cannot be compared…a mother even after being so tired…for the happiness of her child will do anything to make her happy… 

People it’s not about the gender..it’s about the human nature….bearing a child is surely not an easy task…If God has blessed you both to become a PARENT..try accepting the fact gracefully rather than feeling sad about it…and starts discussing about each other’s responsibilities towards the child…God puts his into YOU BOTH so that you cannot fail in that….

If taken my view on single parenting then i would like to mention that it is the most difficult thing in this entire world to be a single parent….Plus the society around you makes it so much worse for the single parent…every time making them realise that they are doing charity for their own child…DO NOT BE ASHAMED OF BEING A SINGLE PARENT..RATHER THAN BE PROUD OF YOURSELF TO BE THE ONE WHO CAN DO THAT…

There are so many married couples who are not blessed with such happiness on the other hand there are so many children who are not blessed with parents….both..children as well as parents are inter-dependent on each other..both of them are incomplete without each other….

Raising a child by a single parent is one of the toughest job…anybody can do…therefore…whenever you plan a child…please think about all the PROS AND CONS..think that you are blessed…think that you will take the responsibility of your child…and life will be easy. 

FeaturedWriting:Food For My Soul

Writing:Food For My Soul

writing-1170146_960_720 (1)

As Food nourishes our body…same way…Food for the soul.. refreshes us…improves our well being…something which only a particular thing can satisfy the soul…only a particular thing can give peace to the soul…For a TRAVELLER..TRAVELLING can be his FOOD FOR THE SOUL…as he finds his happiness..his satisfaction and his peace in exploring new things..finding interesting facts about the new culture of people living in different countries and people of different religion…SIMILARLY..for a WRITER…his/her food for the soul…will be writing…expressing his/her thoughts…into words..unless and until he/she doesn’t finds a pen or a paper to express his feelings he/she cannot derive that level of satisfaction from any other thing in life…

My idea for escaping from messy things around myself…is  WRITING…what about your’s???Reading novels is still one of my favourite thing to do when I am free..it just takes to you to another world of  imagination where you are the invisible person who can see everyone (i.e.every character of the story) but none of them can see you…i count that as a really interesting part of reading…but again the worst part of it is that you have to come back to the real world where you are no super-girl or a boy..and you have to face every mellow drama every difficulty by your own…

READING inspires me whereas WRITING gives me peace…there is so much in our life that can be put into the content to write…for every imaginary story…the content written is based on REALITY…THEREFORE..FOR ME WRITING IS THE FOOD FOR MY SOUL…WITHOUT WHICH I AM NOTHING :-)♥♥♥