Maybe this post of  mine could be harsh for you all!! but in life we all face problems whether we are rich poor or middle class…it’s just that we think that Oh GOD! he is a rich fellow he must not have faced so much of problems as much as i have faced…but not everyone is expressive…we don’t come to know about someone else’s problem unless and until they don’t express it to us….ACCEPTANCE doesn’t comes easily…I don’t get it when parents can’t resolve their matters amongst themselves then why the hell do they start blaming their children for it…frustrated, disgusted, furious for every God damn reason they start blaming their kids for if their kids are their punching bags….Hold On! MARRIAGE  & FAMILY PLANNING are two things which scares me like hell…i do not come from a broken family but surely i am not happy either with…

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LETTING IIt is said that ” TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES” but i want to quote it in a different manner “TRUE LOVE NEVER GROWS”…..It has happened with her…she can still find a part of herself which she  can’t ever share it with anyone else except the one she has loved once…Her love has not grown(changed) for him in all these years..and she can no more force it to leave her…She can’t force herself to stop thinking about it….cause she knows for a fact will move on..she’s  gonna make new friends meet new people but she also knows that she can’t put anybody else above him…We have become slaves towards certain experiences in life which were bitter…we cannot forget it…even if we want to..Letting it go often seems to be the difficult thing of this time..We can leave things..but we cannot let it go…there is a very thin line difference between the two….INSTEAD OF T GO” JUST TELL YOURSELF TO “LET IT BE”…Do not be HARSH on yourself…else you will always end up holding on to a bitter experiences of your life.. 

Man Who Couldn’t Love

Man Who Couldn’t Love

m sure many of you must be knowing the difference between love like lust and obsession…but here is a post from my side…something beyond it..have a look at it!!maybe you can relate to your past instances




The pain of unrequited love was so much that the guy never ever gave himself a second chance to fall in love with anyone else…It kept on killing him from inside each day….the power of unrequited love is so much that it can break a person destroys his complete outlook towards love,relationship,marriage..towards those who even care for him as much as nobody else can.

He promised himself never to fall back in love again with anyone else…and so he became a casanova…he started being in relationship with every other girl but mind you…just in A RELATIONSHIP and NOT IN LOVE…girls used to think that how can he love them in such a cruel manner…some of them were comfortable..some of them left…some didn’t care…but Yes there was a girl…who created a space in his heart…YES THAT UNLUCKY GIRL…like any other normal…

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The more tranquil a man is the more successful he will be…for me…or rather..according to me…tranquility can be achieved only if a person is happy with whatever he has in his life…the ultimate satisfaction is achieved by him during his difficult times when he is grateful to God for every small thing is his blessed with..that’s when a person is in actual tranquility….

We have to find peace within ourselves..rather than giving the charge of being in peace to the other people…as soon as we start expecting..till the time that person fulfils all our expectations..we tend to find ourselves at peace without even realising that we are giving the charge of our happiness and our peace to the other person but when that person..breaks our trust..stops fulfilling our wishes…we tend to think that he is at fault completely..but actually he is not….

WE should expect only from ourselves…our happiness and our mental peace ONLY LIES WITHIN OURSELVES..IF WE FIND TRANQUILITY IN OTHERS….THEN WE CAN NEVER FIND IT WITHIN OURSELVES….