Maybe this post of ¬†mine could be harsh for you all!! but in life we all face problems whether we are rich poor or middle class…it’s just that we think that Oh GOD! he is a rich fellow he must not have faced so much of problems as much as i have faced…but not everyone is expressive…we don’t come to know about someone else’s problem unless and until they don’t express it to us….ACCEPTANCE doesn’t comes easily…I don’t get it when parents can’t resolve their matters amongst themselves then why the hell do they start blaming their children for it…frustrated, disgusted, furious for every God damn reason they start blaming their kids for if their kids are their punching bags….Hold On! MARRIAGE ¬†& FAMILY PLANNING are two things which scares me like hell…i do not come from a broken family but surely i am not happy either with the thinking level which everyone is having!!! Don’t wanna get married then don’t get married…don’t wanna have children then don’t nobody is forcing you to have children or get married…unless and until you are not ready you should not go for simple as that..thank you!