The biggest drawback which I see in today’s time is  that of following trends. Many people infact…think that there life is a movie…characters which are shown in a film or even if such characters are written in book…read by millions of people some of them relate their characters which are shown in a film…while some of them tries to follow them as a trend…until a new trend sets up….

Earlier people who were not exposed to all such trends were leading a peaceful and facile life….people used to be consistent,stable and uncomplicated….but as soon as coming generation, including us got exposed to a very strong and harsh reality of life… which is also being shown in films… we try to act like that only…trends like…LOVE TRIANGLE…ONE SIDED LOVE…BETRAYING SOMEONE…ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR…such concepts according to me has complicated our lives in many ways…it has entangled our relationships because of which friendship relationship comes to an end soon…people do not want to invest their time in such things…as they have fear of getting hurt at the end of the day…

If we’ll keep on following trends…then that day is not far when we’ll leave everything…even our parents…some of us has already reached that level of insanity….

so stop following trends…be yourself…be you!




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