LETTING IIt is said that ” TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES” but i want to quote it in a different manner “TRUE LOVE NEVER GROWS”…..It has happened with her…she can still find a part of herself which she  can’t ever share it with anyone else except the one she has loved once…Her love has not grown(changed) for him in all these years..and she can no more force it to leave her…She can’t force herself to stop thinking about it….cause she knows for a fact will move on..she’s  gonna make new friends meet new people but she also knows that she can’t put anybody else above him…We have become slaves towards certain experiences in life which were bitter…we cannot forget it…even if we want to..Letting it go often seems to be the difficult thing of this time..We can leave things..but we cannot let it go…there is a very thin line difference between the two….INSTEAD OF T GO” JUST TELL YOURSELF TO “LET IT BE”…Do not be HARSH on yourself…else you will always end up holding on to a bitter experiences of your life.. 


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