To begin with…this post of mine..doesn’t holds anything against any religion caste or sub caste…but i remember..when i wrote this post for the article of my school teacher asked me to edit all the major stuff and then only this article will be published in the school magazine…as this will create a ruckus in school amongst everyone…Karbala and the day of Ashura (the day the massacre occurred) can teach us a lot about unity. This story is not about Good Islam versus Bad Islam. It’s not about Hussein versus Yazid. It’s not even about Right versus Wrong.


Earlier there were only Muslims in ISLAM…no sunni no shia…only MUSLIMS..who used to believe that there is only one God named ALLAH and that PROPHET MUHAMMAD(pbuh) is the messenger of ALLAH…To my knowledge the SPLIT IN ISLAM took place after the death of PROPHET MOHAMMAD(pbuh)..where the question of  choosing the next successor arose…some of them wanted ABU BAKR to be the next successor..who was the father of Prophet’s wife Ayesha and was also his friend…while other’s wanted Hazrat ALI IBNE ABU TALIB a.s(s.a.w)..who was his daughter’s husband and his first cousin too..History reveals that Abu Bakr became the first CALIPH and Hazrat Ali Ibne Abu Talib a.s(s.a.w) became the fourth Caliph…THIS IS WHERE THE DIFFERENCE WAS CREATED.


Shiites(shia’s) believe in the Imamat. This is where Imams are the true Caliphs and are divinely appointed. They are believed to be chosen from the descendants of Muhammad by God to be rulers and the living example for all Muslims to emulate in their daily lives (Imams are believed to have perfectly reflected the practices and behaviours expected by God). WHEREAS, Sunnis believe that the Caliph (the head of the Caliphate, which is the state covering the worldwide community of Muslims, or the Ummah) is a temporal, political office bound within Sharia law and the advice of Islamic lawyers and a kind of parliament, which can elect or impeach the Caliph.


Thus, Sunnis believe that Abu Bakr was the first Caliph and SHIAS believe that Hazrat Ali Ibne Abu Talib was the first Imam…Since then there is a clear distinction between both the sectors….Bani Ummayad and BANI HASHIM were people from the above mentioned sectors respectively…NOTE THAT:Religion can never disgrace a man…but a man can always disgrace his religion by his stupid acts..The Bani Umayyah had been sworn enemies of the Bani Hashim since the time when Hashim, the forefather of our Prophet (p.b.u.h), had succeeded in banishing his evil half-brother Umayyah from Makka.

After the death of Imam Ali (AS), Muawiya turned his attention to Imam Hasan (AS). Just as his father had done, Imam Hasan (AS) wrote to Muawiya telling him that the crimes he was committing against innocent Muslims were unacceptable. Imam Hasan (AS) asked the People of Kufa to assist him in battle against Muawiya.

 Yazid son of Muawiya

In 60 A.H. this devil declared himself ruler of all Muslims. Yazid was a man of extremely evil habits. He was a drunkard, gambler, womaniser and murderer. He only ruled for 3 years. In the first year he killed Imam Husain (AS) and his companions in Karbala and made their women and children prisoners.

During the second year he ordered his soldiers to enter Madina and do what they liked. As a result, 1,000 people were killed, including 700 close Companions of the Prophet (p.b.u.h). In addition 1,000 women were assaulted and forced to surrender their dignity to Yazid’s men. In the third year, Yazid mounted an attack on the Ka’ba, aiming to destroy it with giant catapults.

Not content with committing crimes in Karbala, Makka and Madina, Yazid appointed Ubaidullah ibne Ziyad as governor of Kufa with specific orders to hunt out and kill the Shia of Imam Ali (AS). Ubaidullah carried out the orders of his master by imprisoning, exiling, hanging or amputating the limbs of the Shia. Yazid’s rule ended with his death in 64 A.H. Before his death, he appointed his son Muawiya as his heir. BATTLE OF KARBALAThe Karbala massacre is notoriously known for being one of the darkest and saddest days in Islamic history. On the tenth day of the sacred Islamic month of Muharram, in the year 61 A.H., approximately 50 years after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his grandson Hussein was martyred along with all the members of his family, including women and children.


Yazid who became the new ruler after his father’s(Muawiya) death…during his rule..he lead led cruel things happened…INFIDELITY, MOLESTATION, ETC ETC…He wanted Imam Hussain to do Bayat (allegiance)..but since Imam Hussain knew about his cruel intentions he never wanted to have any allegiance with that person..and this led to the war as Yazid made it very clear that if Imam will not accept the offer then he will be killed by the forces of yazid …Imam Hussain A.S accepted to sacrifice his family his children himself rather than having allegiance with the cruel ruler….


3326d330c46c7c8a5ccbce060e644e56The sacrifices range from grown men, to the 6-month old son of Hussein who did not know of good versus evil but only of thirst and hunger. When Hussein held him up and begged that they be allowed access to water, Yazid’s army shot three spears into his heart.

But, the saddest of sacrifices comes from Hussein’s brother, Abbas, who crossed the battle field to the Euphrates River to bring water back to the infants and children. There, he filled a water skin in hopes of quenching their thirst. The soldiers fired an arrow through his eye and cut off his arms, but that did not halt him. He carried the skin of water in his mouth, crawling towards the tents filled with children, until the army approached him and finally killed him.

Eventually, drenched in Abbas’s blood, the blood of his martyred teenage son, companions, and infant child, Hussein stood alone on the battlefield, with women, children, and the ill waiting in tents. He bid them farewell and shouted to an empty desert behind him “Is there anyone to help me?”, When silence was the only response, he marched to fight the army of Yazid, where he was beheaded (much like ISIS does today), stomped on, and his head attached to a pole. The army then tied up the women and children, and marched them from city to city behind the severed head of Hussein, all the way back to their commander, Yazid.


1415196121aOnce you truly understand the stories of Karbala, listening to each one in specific detail, you will understand why millions of Shia every year mourn during Muharram. It’s why they cry and wear black and why Christians and Sunnis alike join them in paying respects to Hussein and his brother Abbas at their shrines in Karbala, Iraq. Not because it’s merely a sad story, but because sacrifices like this didn’t just keep true Islam alive, but kept good alive throughout the Eastern world.

Your history books never taught you that. Your history books will never teach you of the powerful women, like Zainab, the sister of Hussein, who embodied true feminism and stood up to the tyrant Yazid in his castle, even as they were handcuffed and promised to be raped and sold.

The Lebanese writer Antoine Bara once wrote, “No battle in the modern and past history of mankind has earned more sympathy and admiration as well as provided more lessons than the martyrdom of Hussein in the battle of Karbala.”

Hussein and Karbala are not just a story for Shia Muslims, they are a story for humanity.

Ask yourself, if the Battle of Karbala can teach us so much about standing against the image of Islam that the world and media hold today, then why don’t we ever learn about it?



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