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As Food nourishes our body…same way…Food for the soul.. refreshes us…improves our well being…something which only a particular thing can satisfy the soul…only a particular thing can give peace to the soul…For a TRAVELLER..TRAVELLING can be his FOOD FOR THE SOUL…as he finds his happiness..his satisfaction and his peace in exploring new things..finding interesting facts about the new culture of people living in different countries and people of different religion…SIMILARLY..for a WRITER…his/her food for the soul…will be writing…expressing his/her thoughts…into words..unless and until he/she doesn’t finds a pen or a paper to express his feelings he/she cannot derive that level of satisfaction from any other thing in life…

My idea for escaping from messy things around myself…is  WRITING…what about your’s???Reading novels is still one of my favourite thing to do when I am free..it just takes to you to another world of  imagination where you are the invisible person who can see everyone (i.e.every character of the story) but none of them can see you…i count that as a really interesting part of reading…but again the worst part of it is that you have to come back to the real world where you are no super-girl or a boy..and you have to face every mellow drama every difficulty by your own…

READING inspires me whereas WRITING gives me peace…there is so much in our life that can be put into the content to write…for every imaginary story…the content written is based on REALITY…THEREFORE..FOR ME WRITING IS THE FOOD FOR MY SOUL…WITHOUT WHICH I AM NOTHING :-)♥♥♥


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