WHY?WHY?why does it always happens with US..the creatures of Lord God..why can’t it be just the other way round..sometimes…those who can form a proper co-ordination between their BRAIN and HEART..can lead a life without confusion..and can find their PEACE….

WE tend to overlook at things…or sometimes we notice things that are not even a percent important for us…Giving undue importance to the issues which are not even worth our TIME..gets us into trouble…As we grow old..we tend to come across certain people who can really change the way we think..esp when that person is negative…90% of us gets attracted to the negative thinkers…NEGATIVITY EATS US UP…IT BURNS US…it aloofs us from socialising…the more negative we think..the more we will be ignored…that’s the story…

BE LOVABLE…there is sooo much of love within everyone inside us….let the mind think positive things and let your heart execute that positivity inside you…so that whosoever you’ll meet in your life will get inspired from you…

Start being observant about the people around you…start seeing life from your perspective…and not from other’s perspective…NOBODY CAN BE YOU…NOBODY CAN RECREATE THE REAL YOU…Stop taking charge of people who has done wrong to you..they will always be answerable to you for that…i  know it’s not that easy…but a small positive change can save millions of life and it can save your’s as well…START TELLING YOUR MIND TO THINK LESS…ULTIMATELY…HAPPINESS WILL BE ACHIEVED…START PRAISING LORD FOR THE SMALL SMALL THINGS THAT WE ARE ACTUALLY BLESSED WITH….NOTHING COMES EASY IN LIFE…NOTHING IS HANDY DANDY…ALL ONE NEED IS HAVE A LOT OF PATIENCE…SAVE YOUR ENERGY…TELL YOUR MIND TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART…AND PLAY THE POLICY OF BEING SAFE!!!


One thought on “THE CONFUSED MIND

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