The day was going fine for her…suddenly she him and said..”shall we meet”?…He

replied”ok…fine…coming to pick you up after 15minutes..don’t be late…”She was all ready…the excitement to meet your loved one is actually so…They both went for a long drive…girl still thinking whether he truly loves her or not…suddenly he said that his ex is still embedded there deep inside his heart…and she kept on thinking…she can’t have him ever…atleast not in this life…aftr saying so…he tried cheering her up.. Telling her convincingly that he loves her madly…but it didn’t seem to be true now for that dat girl…they went for lunch…where the boy continuously held her hand..making her believe that he loves her…but now…she was adamant dat it will not work…still she loves everything about him…even if he is rude…after having everything discussed they decided to end it amicably…after that neither he returned to her nor did she returned to him…but the girl is still praying to get him back…to get her love back! The last lunch..could have been a great start for their lives!!




that now he loves him


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