Poverty scares me!

FeaturedPoverty scares me!

Poverty scares me…it scares the hell out of me…i don’t know whether to consider myself lucky enough to feel happy about the fact that God has provided me with things and people who are an important part of everybody’s life or to feel sad about people who do not have their parents with them….

I am SAD about the fact that this POVERTY was not at all created by the ONE WHO HAS CREATED US! What an irony….This world doesn’t know what our creator expects us to do…but in return we are doing things what he doesn’t expect from us…

Instead of accepting the realities of the world…we in turn boast about ourselves first…trying to help the poor in front of a thousand people is nothing but showing the world…Did God ever shows anybody that i am helping this person…????He wants or expects the same from His creatures to….

Rather than bridging up that gap…we are even creating the gap…instead of helping them out we…getting them aware about certain facts…helping them in realizing that they are self sufficient..they can earn their own living….

Remember….it’s not a life given by the God…it’s a life which they are leading because of US!

FeaturedTrend That Follows

Trend That Follows


The biggest drawback which I see in today’s time is  that of following trends. Many people infact…think that there life is a movie…characters which are shown in a film or even if such characters are written in book…read by millions of people some of them relate their characters which are shown in a film…while some of them tries to follow them as a trend…until a new trend sets up….

Earlier people who were not exposed to all such trends were leading a peaceful and facile life….people used to be consistent,stable and uncomplicated….but as soon as coming generation, including us got exposed to a very strong and harsh reality of life… which is also being shown in films… we try to act like that only…trends like…LOVE TRIANGLE…ONE SIDED LOVE…BETRAYING SOMEONE…ALL IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR…such concepts according to me has complicated our lives in many ways…it has entangled our relationships because of which friendship relationship comes to an end soon…people do not want to invest their time in such things…as they have fear of getting hurt at the end of the day…

If we’ll keep on following trends…then that day is not far when we’ll leave everything…even our parents…some of us has already reached that level of insanity….

so stop following trends…be yourself…be you!



Age is just a number,maturity is by choice

FeaturedAge is just a number,maturity is by choice


          I have been a person who has been judgemental,egoistic,stubborn,angry like hell..but at the same time caring,loving and what not…i have acted my age always…and i am sure many of us does the same…nobody becomes mature in one day…I feel the most important determinant of BEING MATURE IS IT’S CIRCUMSTANCES…Since LIFE IS NOT A BED OF ROSES…nothing comes easy to anybody..and even if it does the level of satisfaction and enjoyment would not be greater.

     SIMPLICITY AND LOYALTY ARE TWO THINGS WHICH THE WORLD NEEDS THE MOST…As most of the people are leading a FAKE LIFE  just to please others…they merely understand that a life when lived to please others will cost them their peace and happiness…IT REALLY DOES.

       I too have been like this…but no sooner i realised that why the hell am i living for the sake of other’s happiness…why am i taking my decisions just for the sake that yeah!!he/she might be with me always…LIFE could have been simpler if we try to understand the reasons behind a person’s behaviour..that’s what I call MATURITY… 

We tend to meet people who may behave in a very weird manner…at times…rather than judging such  people be kind to them and try to understand the pain which they are suffering from…JUDGING is the easiest thing of all…kindness has it’s own way of healing others…IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING GOOD TO SAY…PLEASE DON’T SPEAK AT ALL…

  By hurting someone you won’t become a strong person rather that will show your character…that will highlight your SHORTCOMINGS…the point that you have low self esteem.





Maybe this post of  mine could be harsh for you all!! but in life we all face problems whether we are rich poor or middle class…it’s just that we think that Oh GOD! he is a rich fellow he must not have faced so much of problems as much as i have faced…but not everyone is expressive…we don’t come to know about someone else’s problem unless and until they don’t express it to us….ACCEPTANCE doesn’t comes easily…I don’t get it when parents can’t resolve their matters amongst themselves then why the hell do they start blaming their children for it…frustrated, disgusted, furious for every God damn reason they start blaming their kids for it..as if their kids are their punching bags….Hold On! MARRIAGE  & FAMILY PLANNING are two things which scares me like hell…i do not come from a broken family but surely i am not happy either with the thinking level which everyone is having!!! Don’t wanna get married then don’t get married…don’t wanna have children then don’t nobody is forcing you to have children or get married…unless and until you are not ready you should not go for it..as simple as that..thank you!




JIHAD…THE true concept OF WHICH in today’s world has been misquoted…most of them think that if somebody is not following Islam..we should kill that person and for them that will be a jihad…

  • Jihad is NOT blowing up one’s self  (Suicide is a sin in Islam).
  • Jihad is NOT Holy War.
  • Jihad is NOT killing innocent people.
  • Jihad is NOT flying a plane into a building packed with civilians.
  • Jihad is NOT fighting out of anger and hatred.
  • Jihad is NOT killing others just because they don’t agree with you.
  • Jihad is NOT killing others just because they are not Muslims.

Jihad has many forms:

  • Jihad of the heart/soul (jihad bin nafs/qalb)
  • Jihad by the tongue (jihad bil lisan)
  • Jihad by the pen/knowledge (jihad bil qalam/ilm)
  • Jihad by the hand (jihad bil yad)
  • Jihad by the sword (jihad bis saif)

Who is a Holy Warrior?

According to the Quran, a martyr who died in the way of Jihad is

promised Paradise. But what are the criteria of martyr, or in other words,

what are the criteria of a Holy Warrior undertaking the True Jihad?

The most famous of all Hadith is the one regarding everything we do are

judged by our intentions; so as it is mentioned in the previous chapter.

So who is an example of a Holy Warrior?

Ali bin Abu Talib, cousin of Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) and the fourth

Caliph of the Islamic Ummah is a good example.

During one of the battles, Ali was about to give a deathblow to an enemy

soldier. Just then, that enemy soldier spat at Ali. Ali then suddenly

stopped, threw down his sword and refused to kill that enemy soldier.

After the battle, Ali’s soldiers asked Ali why he suddenly stopped

and refused to kill that enemy soldier on the battlefield.

Ali explained that he got angry when that enemy soldier spat at him. So

if he had killed that enemy soldier right then, he would be killing out of

his own anger and no longer fighting for Justice. In the sight of Allah, he

would then be no different from a murderer.

Brothers and Sisters that is how we should see a Holy Warrior!


FeaturedWriting:Food For My Soul

Writing:Food For My Soul

writing-1170146_960_720 (1)

As Food nourishes our body…same way…Food for the soul.. refreshes us…improves our well being…something which only a particular thing can satisfy the soul…only a particular thing can give peace to the soul…For a TRAVELLER..TRAVELLING can be his FOOD FOR THE SOUL…as he finds his happiness..his satisfaction and his peace in exploring new things..finding interesting facts about the new culture of people living in different countries and people of different religion…SIMILARLY..for a WRITER…his/her food for the soul…will be writing…expressing his/her thoughts…into words..unless and until he/she doesn’t finds a pen or a paper to express his feelings he/she cannot derive that level of satisfaction from any other thing in life…

My idea for escaping from messy things around myself…is  WRITING…what about your’s???Reading novels is still one of my favourite thing to do when I am free..it just takes to you to another world of  imagination where you are the invisible person who can see everyone (i.e.every character of the story) but none of them can see you…i count that as a really interesting part of reading…but again the worst part of it is that you have to come back to the real world where you are no super-girl or a boy..and you have to face every mellow drama every difficulty by your own…

READING inspires me whereas WRITING gives me peace…there is so much in our life that can be put into the content to write…for every imaginary story…the content written is based on REALITY…THEREFORE..FOR ME WRITING IS THE FOOD FOR MY SOUL…WITHOUT WHICH I AM NOTHING :-)♥♥♥




In The Door Child Sitting Sad Lonely Jeans Cry

THE Girl…who,once upon a time…used to be the most cheerful of all…has lost her cheerfulness somewhere..the Girl…who used to roam around happily…used to hang around with her friends..suddenly stopped everything…WHY?WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN SO BAD WITH HER???WHY DID SHE LOSE HERSELF…HER CHARM..HER CONFIDENCE HER BEAUTY…..did someone…forced her….???

LIFE for her is no more the SAME as it was once used to be…for her it was nothing that she could have wished for….one night in MUMBAI took everything away from her…her innocence,her sweetness…her charm everything…she could not believe her eyes…that the person who forced her was no one else but her UNCLE…whom she used to consider as her father…two nights of child abuse took away everything..her peace..her love…HER SOUL….BUT SHE WAS A UNIQUE GIRL…as i will quote her…

She completed her EDUCATION…forced herself to be happy in everyone’s happiness and to help other’s when they were in pain…not that she didn’t express it to her parents…but nobody believed her…not even her mother….

SHE is someone….who still knows how to spread love…happiness…she is still a person who is alot caring about everyone else’s need…but NOW IS NOT AT ALL EXPRESSIVE…SHE TRUSTS NOONE…SHE CANNOT EXPRESS HER FEELINGS TO ANYBODY..SCARED OF LOSING PEOPLE AROUND HER…ALOT MORE INSECURE…ESP AMONGST HER FAMILY MEMBERS….

PEOPLE!!! CHILD ABUSE is something one should get punished for (THE CONVICT)…nobody has got the right to touch any guy/girl without his/her consent…imagine…if same would have had happened to her uncle’s daughter then what…???it’s all about KARMA…do bad and you’ll receive it…do good and good will happen to you….CHANGE YOUR MINDSET….CONTROL YOUR TEMPTATION AND DESIRES….LIVE A RESPECTFUL LIFE…AND YOU’LL BE HAPPY…!





The more tranquil a man is the more successful he will be…for me…or rather..according to me…tranquility can be achieved only if a person is happy with whatever he has in his life…the ultimate satisfaction is achieved by him during his difficult times when he is grateful to God for every small thing is his blessed with..that’s when a person is in actual tranquility….

We have to find peace within ourselves..rather than giving the charge of being in peace to the other people…as soon as we start expecting..till the time that person fulfils all our expectations..we tend to find ourselves at peace without even realising that we are giving the charge of our happiness and our peace to the other person but when that person..breaks our trust..stops fulfilling our wishes…we tend to think that he is at fault completely..but actually he is not….

WE should expect only from ourselves…our happiness and our mental peace ONLY LIES WITHIN OURSELVES..IF WE FIND TRANQUILITY IN OTHERS….THEN WE CAN NEVER FIND IT WITHIN OURSELVES….





WHY?WHY?why does it always happens with US..the creatures of Lord God..why can’t it be just the other way round..sometimes…those who can form a proper co-ordination between their BRAIN and HEART..can lead a life without confusion..and can find their PEACE….

WE tend to overlook at things…or sometimes we notice things that are not even a percent important for us…Giving undue importance to the issues which are not even worth our TIME..gets us into trouble…As we grow old..we tend to come across certain people who can really change the way we think..esp when that person is negative…90% of us gets attracted to the negative thinkers…NEGATIVITY EATS US UP…IT BURNS US…it aloofs us from socialising…the more negative we think..the more we will be ignored…that’s the story…

BE LOVABLE…there is sooo much of love within everyone inside us….let the mind think positive things and let your heart execute that positivity inside you…so that whosoever you’ll meet in your life will get inspired from you…

Start being observant about the people around you…start seeing life from your perspective…and not from other’s perspective…NOBODY CAN BE YOU…NOBODY CAN RECREATE THE REAL YOU…Stop taking charge of people who has done wrong to you..they will always be answerable to you for that…i  know it’s not that easy…but a small positive change can save millions of life and it can save your’s as well…START TELLING YOUR MIND TO THINK LESS…ULTIMATELY…HAPPINESS WILL BE ACHIEVED…START PRAISING LORD FOR THE SMALL SMALL THINGS THAT WE ARE ACTUALLY BLESSED WITH….NOTHING COMES EASY IN LIFE…NOTHING IS HANDY DANDY…ALL ONE NEED IS HAVE A LOT OF PATIENCE…SAVE YOUR ENERGY…TELL YOUR MIND TO FOLLOW YOUR HEART…AND PLAY THE POLICY OF BEING SAFE!!!



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I always had a dream of lightning someone’s house with love,care,concern and happiness….fortunately and thankfully…one doesn’t need money for that..the peace  which one can get after helping someone solving their problem in the most difficult of times where generally he/she is not supported by anyone…it gives..PEACE..people..think that the world in which they are living in is the REAL WORLD…but actually it is not so…offering poor kids and their family one time meal…gives you happiness…we are God’s creation..why do we forget that???We…after being his creation should treat one another with love care and equality…but we actually don’t….
According to My First Imam..Imam Ali A.S “If someone is not your brother in FAITH..he is your brother in HUMANITY“….Stop killing the children…stop killing those who didn’t do anything wrong to you…LOVE can solve anything….Love is all one needs…Don’t make RELIGION the reason behind killing millions of innocent people…
Light someone’s life by caring and loving them…that’s all what God wants from US!!


The last lunch

FeaturedThe last lunch

The day was going fine for her…suddenly she him and said..”shall we meet”?…He

replied”ok…fine…coming to pick you up after 15minutes..don’t be late…”She was all ready…the excitement to meet your loved one is actually so…They both went for a long drive…girl still thinking whether he truly loves her or not…suddenly he said that his ex is still embedded there deep inside his heart…and she kept on thinking…she can’t have him ever…atleast not in this life…aftr saying so…he tried cheering her up.. Telling her convincingly that he loves her madly…but it didn’t seem to be true now for that dat girl…they went for lunch…where the boy continuously held her hand..making her believe that he loves her…but now…she was adamant dat it will not work…still she loves everything about him…even if he is rude…after having everything discussed they decided to end it amicably…after that neither he returned to her nor did she returned to him…but the girl is still praying to get him back…to get her love back! The last lunch..could have been a great start for their lives!!




that now he loves him





Maybe this post of  mine could be harsh for you all!! but in life we all face problems whether we are rich poor or middle class…it’s just that we think that Oh GOD! he is a rich fellow he must not have faced so much of problems as much as i have faced…but not everyone is expressive…we don’t come to know about someone else’s problem unless and until they don’t express it to us….ACCEPTANCE doesn’t comes easily…I don’t get it when parents can’t resolve their matters amongst themselves then why the hell do they start blaming their children for it…frustrated, disgusted, furious for every God damn reason they start blaming their kids for it..as if their kids are their punching bags….Hold On! MARRIAGE  & FAMILY PLANNING are two things which scares me like hell…i do not come from a broken family but surely i am not happy either with…

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